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Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review: Girl Online

NOTE: I got this book as an ARC the day it was published.

As an avid internet fanatic, I am a huge fangirl of YouTube. Especially British vloggers. One of my favorites is Zoella (Zoe Sugg), and she is a bubbly, beauty-focused vlogger who happened to write a book!

(I chose this gif because Doctor Who is British, not because he's shirtless psh no)
The premise of Girl Online hooked me: a sixteen-year-old girl decides to blog anonymously about her life, from fun things like shopping excursions and hanging out with her friends to more serious things like dealing with heartache and panic attacks. As her blog gains popularity, she goes to New York with her parents and her best friend Elliot and meets Noah, a mysterious, amazing musician, who has a secret of his own.

Disregarding my fangirl stance on Zoella, it was a really good book. I do have one bone to pick with it, but I'll list the things I liked first!


One: I loved the characters. Penny, Noah, Elliot, and Tom, especially, were all fun to read, relatable, and had great dialogue. Especially Penny/Elliot and Noah/Penny. I, like everyone, fell in love with Noah because wow, that boy was fantastic.

Two: Like I said, the premise was intriguing and I was instantly captivated. The internet and how teenagers use it (especially near the end) is a really cool bit to add to novels, especially YA ones. And Sugg did a great job of integrating the blog posts and the actual story, keeping the voice authentic to both.

Three: Noah and Penny's romance was one of the most adorable ships of this year. Don't even try to tell me otherwise.

I was super sad by how quick the ending was untIL I SAW IT WAS A SEQUEL so I'm okay now. I can't wait for the sequel! And I hope you all check out this book, it was so much fun!



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