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Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: Ask the Passengers

NOTE: This is a review of a book by an author, A.S. King, I'm going to meet in April. Yay!

Ask the Passengers is about Astrid Jones, a girl who lives in a small town, and about her struggle with her sexuality, family, friends, and relationships.

I really enjoyed reading this book, I practically flew through it because I was really invested in Astrid's story.

Here are the more in-depth reasons for why I enjoyed the book so much.


The premise and writing story. It's hard to explain but I loved the book's idea and the way it was executed. King did a great job of writing this, and

The passengers' stories- Interspersed throughout the book, there are these little excerpts from the lives of people flying in planes over Astrid's town. She'd "send them love" and ask questions about love and life. And they would have parallels to some of the passengers' problems. These little clips were probably my favorite part of the book. They were so interesting, the voices, the mini-plots, everything was just so well done. Plus they were so cute and emotional and AWW

The LBGT aspect: Writing Gay People- This book is about a girl falling for a girl, and I think it told a beautiful story. Plus, in some stories out there portray the gay characters as stereotypes, but they were people in this book. They were assholes, amazing, and human. Plus, the stories were cute.

The LBGT aspect: Coming out- I'm not gay, and I've never had to come out to anyone, but I feel like this book did a great job of highlighting the struggles, like family and friend and school reactions that you have to put up with. There's a great speech on page 203 that I loved about sexuality, along with the frustrating reactions from her family.

Magical Realism- You don't understand how much I love magical realism, I haven't read much but I really respect the genre. King did a great job of putting the hints of the magical realism without hitting you over the head with it.

I really enjoyed this book. 150/154 Shrimp Veins

Read it.


Owyn the Intern 

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