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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: Faking Normal

NOTE: This is a review of a book that I read as an ARC.

Faking Normal is a book by Courtney C. Stevens about Alexi Littrell, a girl who had a terrible thing happen to her over the summer and is having a tough time coping with it (in fact, scraping at her skin with her fingernails.) At the same time, Bodee Lennox, the odd boy who dyes his hair constantly, moves in after his own personal tragedy and they learn to cope with each other along with dealing with other dramas.

I want to start with saying that I was just about to put this book down when the book picked up.

Thirty-two pages in, and I was annoyed with the annoying friends and the fact she clawed at her skin made me uncomfortable and fidgety and I was just about to close the book.

And I almost lost the opportunity to read a fantastic book.

Because I got sucked in.

This book is severe in themes, and tragic, but also addicting and hopeful.

Severe: This book is about a girl who gets raped by someone she knows, because he's sad and she's there and he coerces her into it. It was well-written and well-handled, but also severe because it entails lots of other things. Especially like what it does to her family and friends when/if they find out. Plus, there's murder and abuse and difficult relationships that were all intricate and amazing to read.

My feelings while reading
Tragic: This is a story about rape. And, from what I've seen in news stories, it's accurate in how people handle it. And how people approach it. Fair warning to all if this is a triggering subject for you.

Addicting: As soon as I got to the part Bodee moves in, this book took off. It was fast-paced and had good dialogue and interesting characters and plots. I couldn't stand to put it down.

Hopeful: I don't want to spoil, but the ending. The ending, man. Wow.

If you're interested in a heavy read, then I definitely recommend this book. It was amazing. Check it out.



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