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Thursday, July 31, 2014

ARC Review: Horrorstor

NOTE: This book comes out in September, and also features a fancy double-dot thing on top of the third "o" that I don't know how to replicate on my computer.

Today, I am going to talk to you about a book called Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix. It is a haunted house story set in a store that is a lower-priced Ikea.

So this book is unlike most things I read. I don't normally read horror books, because I find them too slow. The first 40-60% of the book is tension/build-up with too many descriptions and I honestly don't have the patience to deal with it.

But this book is different.

It's slightly humorous, and gives you more about character dialogue instead of pointless build-up in the beginning. The build up is actually there. In fact, with the way that it presents itself, I thought it was going to a satire on horror movies. Especially since it's set up like an Ikea catalog and starts with snappy dialogue.

And then I read it.

I was so terrified in the middle of reading it, I had to put it down and just pet my dog for a while.

But this book is also terrifyingly good. Allow me to list the ways.


It's like real-life people got trapped in a horror movie. Yes, there were the standard tropes, like the Badass Girl, Badass Boy, True Believer, Horny Bastard and the Innocent, but their dialogues and actions weren't over the top ridiculous. You rooted for the characters to survive and winced at their downfall because they were so true.

The horror aspect. This book probably scared me more because I went into it thinking "oh this is a satire" but I was very, very wrong. It has the satirical aspects, but this book is straight-up horror. With intense action and cringe-worthy torture (physical and mental), I was instantly enthralled and frightened.

Me in the middle of reading it
It was clever as hell. The dialogue, characters, plot, and what caused the horror were all really well done. I was so pleased that the time I wasn't mentally screaming in terror, I was mentally praising the book and Hendrix.

When this book comes out, definitely check it out! It's awesome. 99 Brookas out of 100.

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