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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review: Forever...

NOTE: I read this a recommendation from Bree Ervin. And this is a quick review because I'm busy/lazy.


So this is a review of the book Forever... by Judy Blume. It's about a girl named Katherine who falls in love with this boy Michael and they take the steps to having sex (and then HAVE IT!)

While this book was frank and, at times, graphic, I really enjoyed it. There were parts of pure hilarity and parts of pure realism.

I really liked the scene where Katherine gives Michael a h**dj*b (I censor how I want). And he has named his penis "Ralph". I read this at school and I could not stop blushing.

And then the scene where they "did it" was kind of pure and raw. My face was pretty much this:

Majestic Surprised Patrick
But yes, I really liked this book. I think most people in high school considering sex (especially girls) should read this. I managed to learn what could happen when you go on the pill. That could be useful someday.

I have to say though, I was sad when Michael became a d!ck when he found out Katherine just wasn't into him anymore. I thought he was different but then no he was kind of immature. But Theo (minus the 'stache) sounded pretty attractive so I wish Kath and Theo luck.

And, in regards to the co-characters, I liked the fact that Sybil wasn't slut-shamed. She just happened to get pregnant (and didn't know who the father was.) Some people just like to have sex, but if they do it without protection then there are consequences. I like that being shown in the book.

I give this book 1190 Ralphs out of 1195.



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