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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

L.A. Series Review: Between the Lines

NOTE: This is the series by Tammara Webber

So some time ago I ordered the Between the Lines series from Amazon and I decided to read them.

Links to Summaries because I am too lazy to summarize all 3 books:

Between the Lines
Where You Are
Good For You
(And apparently a fourth book that isn't out yet)

I have mixed feelings. So let me explain.


Between the Lines
Review: This book was just "eh" for me. I mean, I really liked Emma but she for some reason liked Reid when GRAHAM IS PERFECT. But the alternating POVs was fun to read, and I thought Webber did a great job with it.
On to the next book.
Rating: 4 Ponies out of 6

Where You Are
Review: This one was my favorite because Emma and Graham got together and the whole giant really confusing love square was really dramatic and fun to read. The love square: Graham loves Emma who loves him back but Brooke loves Graham and Reid loves Emma. Brooke is an awesome b!tchy antagonist and Reid is just an idiot until when he let Emma go to Graham when their evil plan failed.
Rating: 8 Scripts out of 9

Before I review the final book I need to say something that really just bothered me about the series.

Everyone managed to have an illegitimate kid.

Seriously, everyone had sex and ended up getting pregnant.

Let me give you a master list.

Graham: Had a daughter who loved to swear (I love this kid because of this)
Brooke: Had a kid with Reid.
Reid: Had a kid with Brooke.
I bet there were more but I read this over Winter break 4 months ago.

And then the third book.

Good for You
Review: So I don't like Reid. I think he's a (*insert bad word of your choice*) but he was one of the two POVs. The other was this really religious girl Dori who was holier-than-thou and a true humanitarian
Guess what?
Slept with this random senior when she was a freshman and then got pregnant and had an abortion.
But yes this was my least favorite book because I was just like "WHY?" the entire time.
Rating: -40 paint rollers out of 10

I need to calm down.

Bye! Last LA Post. Say a final farewell!


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