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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ARC Review: 45 Pounds (more or less)

NOTE: This is an ARC due to be published in early July.


Okay, when I was getting my ARCs, I saw this book and was like "Oh. There is a girl on the cover holding a ton of clothes. Not likely I'm going to read it." Because I don't like books about fashionista people, but then I read the summary and it was about a girl trying to lose weight in time for a wedding.

Because like most/all teenagers, I have insecurities relating to my body. And I wanted to see if the author, debut K.A. Barson, would write a story without trying to bank on these kind of emotions.

I *really* liked it. I thought it was enjoyable, relatable, and it had a certain something the Germans call "Fremdschämen" which loosely means vicarious embarrassment.

And the author handled that really well. Along with the main character Ann being a sassy, sarcastic, enjoyable female lead.

It also had a lot of family drama, which I found fun to read. Especially all the verbal catfights.

But the book also had a great message, like how the 6-year-old sister of Ann was starting to develop body issues already and it gave a really good idea how to fix that with people.

And then the ROMANCE. I don't normally like the whole "instant attraction oh we just met? we must get married" kind of thing but the way it was so awkward and pure it made me instant ship it.

So yes. Read this book. Enjoy this book. 900/901 Diets.


Owyn :)

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