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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Author: Jessica Brody *Unremembered*

Dear Jessica Brody,

First of all, hi! I'm one of the teens who's going to be at your Fierce Reads event. In order to prepare, I decided to read Unremembered.

Here's the review: 33 Lockets out of 34. (I'll explain the less than one point eventually)

Okay, first off I no longer have any nails because I bit them all away due to ALL THE SUSPENSE.

And, I don't want to spoil anything for my blog-readers and your potential readers, but the plot was so well formulated and amazing and suspenseful and I couldn't put the book down but I had to occasionally because life gets in the way of my reading time but I really didn't want to.

Then the characters. I loved them all (and some I loved hating). I loved Sera and Lyzender and Cody but then I hated Heather and the doctors. And I loved the whole purple eyes thing. I thought that was an amazing little thing, so kudos to your amazingness there.

But here's why I marked down one point.


How can you do that my emotions?

The ending was just so suspense-inducing and I am so intrigued and:

So yeah I am in agony.


Owyn Cooper

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  1. Hi Owyn,

    Can't wait to meet you next week! Thanks for such a great review. And the fact that you put in a Barney gif makes me know that we're going to get along JUUUUUST fine! Haha! HIMYM is my favorite show ever!

    Sorry about that one point! I'll blame that one on my publisher! They set the publishing schedule. :)

    See you soon!