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Thursday, August 29, 2013

ARC Review: Bright Before Sunrise

NOTE: This book comes out February 18, 2014 (which is the day before my birthday, FYI!)

Greetings! Today I am reviewing the book Bright Before Sunrise (fun fact I am the third person to rate the book) by Tiffany Schmidt. If that name sounds familiar, her book Send Me a Sign was the first book I ever reviewed on here.

As you can tell from the gif, I really enjoyed her debut. And when I found out that she had a new book coming out, I practically begged the children's buyer at the Boulder Book Store to get me a copy. And SHE DID! VICTORY!

And I was not disappointed. I got the book and then I read it in 2 hours (just like how I read her first one). I've already re-read parts of it a couple times because that's how good it is.

But if you need some convincing, here are the reasons I loved it.

Two Point-of-Views. Between guy and a girl. Who are love interests. Who both had really interesting and fun voices. *Swoons*

The story was well-done. For a book that takes place over less than a day, this book really flowed well. I never felt overwhelmed or confused I was just really en-rapt with the story and I just kept needing more and more. And the ROMANCE. Oh god I will never forgive Schmidt for doing that to me and my feels.

The banter. Like I kind of mentioned in the first point, the voices of the characters on their own was pretty fantastic. But when you put Jonah and Brighton together I mean YOU COULD FEEL THE SEXUAL TENSION EMANATING OFF THE PAGE.

Oh, and I read the dedications and I fangirled when I read that Emily Hainsworth was "Team Jonah" because THAT IS AWESOME YES WHOOHOO AUTHORS THAT ARE AWESOME SHOULD ALWAYS DO AUTHOR STUFF AND OTHER STUFF WITH OTHER AWESOME AUTHORS.

I should probably calm down.

But yes, if 2014 ever arrives then I definitely recommend reading this book. 4 snaps and three twists.

Until later!


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