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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review: A Really Awesome Mess

NOTE: Yay! A book review!

So this book is called A Really Awesome Mess, and I saw it on recommendation at the bookstore. I decided to get it because I like YA books about messed-up people fixing themselves. (It's about two teens who have to go to reform school for their respective issues.)

And guess what?

I liked this book! I love it when that happens.

Here is why:

The characters were quirky and awesome. While all of them got a bit whiny at some part, they each stood out to me. And with an ensemble-thing going on, that's very important. Plus I really liked their journeys.

Two point-of-views are the bomb diggity. I think it rounds out a story, and it was written by two different authors (Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin) and I think they did a great job of capturing the characters.

Me when I noticed this book has 2 POVs.
It was both funny and real. Cook and Halpin did a great job of telling this story and its evolution of their characters was really fun to read.

I give this book 45/51 pigs. Because that part was fun as hell to read.



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