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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I DNF Rules of Summer

NOTE: I got this as an ARC but I started reading it after it was published but stopped reading it more than 100 pages in. (I'm trying to read books I will enjoy so it's not necessarily this book's fault.)

Okay at TAB in maybe April or May, I got this book called Rules of Summer. It's about this poor girl named Rory who becomes the errand girl for this rich family named the Rules. There's a girl Rory's aged named Isabel, who's "troubled" and spent the school year in California because she accidentally set the house on fire.

But here is why I DNFed it.

1. Isabel is a bitch and it was in her 3rd person limited POV so I was like SCREW THIS I'M DONE. To explain, the book was like 2-POVs but in the third person limited so I would have to deal with her annoying, pretentious, hypocritical, poor-little-rich-girl tone for the rest of the book and I just couldn't. I can't.

2. It was kind of an obvious plot. Like Isabel will fall for the poor boy who's name I've already forgotten and then she'll ask Rory to be an accomplice but when Rory falls for Isabel's brother (Connor?) then Isabel will get all pissy with Rory and I don't feel like reading it.

3. It wasn't... interesting. I try not to publicize my hate for certain books, but the writing didn't do anything for me. I wasn't motivated by the characters (I mean, I wanted Rory and Connor together but not at the expense of dealing with Isabel) or the plot and it wasn't funny or cute or romantic just kind of bland. And I felt like I was supposed to feel pity for Isabel but I was just like "Shut up Isabel leave the book" the entire time.

But yeah. Hopefully I will find a book I do enjoy soon!



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