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Saturday, May 10, 2014

ARC Review: Art of Lainey

NOTE: I read this back during spring break but I was re-reading it and I almost forgot how awesome it was so I needed to share.

The Art of Lainey is the tale of Lainey Mitchell, who decides to use Sun Tzu's Art of War to win back her ex Jason who dumped her in public. This plan includes being mysterious, stealth ops, and fake-dating her punk co-worker Micah.

First off, this book is an AWESOME teen romance summer read. It has the elements of drama, sexual tension, and fun plot.


The ROMANCE I loved the romance in this book. And not just the sexual tension (but definitely that too,) I really enjoyed what the book had to say had about the topic of "all's fair in love and war." I loved Lainey's parents' relationship and how people need to take a break after long relationships and the fact they used a "Dead Chinese Warlord's" military strategies to win back your ex because that's just awesome.

Fun but plot-filled. Not all summer reads have to be devoid of all thought, and this one had great character development (especially for Lainey) but it wasn't those long, ceaseless books that ponder things and mull them over. There was action (romance action, not cars exploding) and drama and awesomeness.

Sexual tension. I mentioned this earlier, but this deserves some more words on the subject. The dialogue that came into play with the tension between Micah/Lainey, Lainey/Jason, and Leo/Bianca was just so awesome and clever and every time there was a particularly good burn I mentally cheered because when done well (and this was DEFINITELY done well) I love sexual tension.

Definitely keep your eye out for this book this summer! It's fun, awesome, and hilarious! 49 Wars out of 51!

Have a lovely day!


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