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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reader Quirks

I've revealed to you guys my Bad Reader Habits and my Readability Scale. Now I'm going to tell you my reader habits.

What are reader habits, you ask? (okay you're probably not asking but I'm still going to explain) It's the things you do while you're reading.

I know.


Maybe you sit in the same chair. Maybe you need complete quiet. Maybe you're upside down hanging from a chandelier and that's the only situation you can read. Maybe you like drinking tea while you read.

I have couple different reader quirks myself. Allow me to share.

Reader Quirk #1: I can read anywhere

I can read in a car, plane, airport, room, bed, sofa, school desk, etc. I can read outside, inside, on the beach, in the snow, in the dark (if my iPhone light is on, otherwise it's a pain.) I consider this a quirk because I have not met many people who can read in cars. People get carsick or headaches (my mom and sister are pretty bad offenders) and they always always ask me "how I do it" when they see me reading in moving vehicles.

Reader Quirk #2: I will often react physically when a book is making me feel things.

And I'm not talking about crying. I'm talking about shoving my face in between the pages I'm reading when something cute happens between love interests, shouting "GAH" whenever a character does something stupid, or throwing it somewhere when it's pissing me off. NO. NO.

I *had* to use this gif
Reader Quirk #3: If I find a passage interesting, I earmark the page.

This is actually my favorite quirk because I love re-reading books so I can just jump around from bookmark to bookmark, looking at the parts of the book that either make me happy, emotional, or laugh out loud/mentally.

Here are some examples:

My copy of *The Art of Lainey*
My copy of *To All the Boys I've Loved Before*
What quirks do you guys have? Leave them in the comments!



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