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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bad Reader Habits

NOTE: Not a review, just something's that been bothering me.

As much as I'd like to think to the contrary, I am not perfect.

I'm impatient, loud, slightly annoying (depends on who you ask), and I have bad habits, especially when I read books.

I have to have 3 that I am insanely aware of. 3 really bad ones. I hope I'm not the only one who has these. So, when you're done reading mine, leave a comment on what yours are!

#1: Absurd Music-to-Ear Consumption: I need music when I read. It helps me concentrate. But this is bad because when people need to talk to me for whatever reason, I cannot be accessed. You could scream into my headphone-plugged-in ears but I would not even glance up. But then they start incessantly poking me and annoying me. And I jump in absurd surprise.

The resemblance is striking.
So, for other people, this is a bad habit. For me, it's just bad news because they say my "music is too loud". It's not that loud. I'm READING while LISTENING TO MUSIC. That's like a signal to shut up and walk away. Oh? Are you offended? Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get the hell over it.

#2: Lending Books To People But They Take Too Flipping Long Reading Them So I Ask For Them Back. According to my Mom, when you lend a book to someone, you're not really asking for it back. Personally, that's stupid. I always want to re-read books. And I love to talk about books I've read with people I know, who I love but they're cheap. But apparently this is "common courtesy" so now I'm going around and getting my books back like a douche muffin.

Now here's my worst one.

#3: Last Page Reading. Whenever I'm like a fifth into a book, I go to the last page and read the last paragraph. I think it started this horrible custom when I was 8 and I did it with some silly little book. But then it developed into a really awful habit. I can't NOT do it now. I did it yesterday. I did it today. I'll do it tomorrow.

My reaction when I'm caught doing this. DON'T LOOK AT ME
But yeah, these are my Bad Reader Habits. If you have any leave some in the comments. To me, comments are like a huge, cuddly, virtual hug.

And with that, I part,


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