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Friday, November 2, 2012

ARC Review: Meant to Be

NOTE: This book comes out on November 13th, so when that days comes, you can buy it if you want!

The book I'm reviewing is called Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill. It's about a girl named Julie, a very to-the-book nerd/true love believer character, who goes to a party on a school sponsored trip to London and gets text messages from an unknown number from when she was DRUNK! So she teams up with annoying popular guy/total opposite Jason to find out who, as long as she has fun on the way.

This book was fantabulous. A perfect mix of romance, slight drama, and humor. When I read it in public, I was laughing so hard that people looked at me weird.

It was almost exactly like this
There were lots of reasons why I liked it, but I'm going to talk to you about 3.

I loved the whole "opposites attract" romance. I related to Julia because I like to consider myself a good kid. So I started to "fall" (I'm not silly enough to fall for a fictional character. I have standards. 1. They have to be real.) for Jason. I mean he's the polar opposite to Julia and challenges her belief in a person who's "meant to be" for someone else, when no one else could do that before.

For the second thing, I'm going to refer to a term in screenwriting called "fish out of water". It's when you take a character out of their element, like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Morrill took Julia out of her comfort zone so she could experience life. And I think that's something everyone relates to and/or struggles with.

The final thing was the whole intrigue. Who was the mysterious texter? What made Mark Julia's Meant to Be? Why was Jason so eager to help her? Tis a mystery.

So I found this book enchanting and irresistible. I give it 99 British people out of 100 British people. Because British people are awesome. And so is this book.

Until later,

PS When I was reading the "party scene", I knew it wasn't going to end well since that's what the book's summary said. So when I got to the part where she's lamenting her inebriated-induced actions, I was very haughty because that doesn't happen to me because I'm alcoholically celibate (along with being under-aged). This image ran through my head:

But I still loved the book. So yeah. Check it out. Ignore my haughtiness. 

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