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Monday, November 26, 2012

Robin Palmer Review: 3 Books

NOTE: I have read 3 of the 4 Young Adult books by Robin Palmer. In order, Geek Charming, Wicked Jealous, and Cindy Ella. Here is a review of those 3 since they are a part of the same series.

Let me start by saying I (relation)ship Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland together. If you haven't heard of them, Prokop was in the third High School Musical movie. Hyland is one of the main characters in Modern Family. And they are absolutely cute together, like they were in the movie adaptation of Geek Charming.

I had just gotten Netflix back during the summer and decided to spend it looking at teen movies since teen things are my weakness.

One of the things that came up in the Top 10 list was the movie Geek Charming. Intrigued, I watch it.

And I liked it. Like a lot. So I read the book. Then Wicked Jealous and Cindy Ella. Even though that wasn't chronological.

So here are my reviews for those three Robin Palmer books.

*SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. No maybe about it. If you have a problem with it, then look at the gif above*

Geek Charming: While I did genuinely like the book, I have this problem with comparing the movie to the book when I've seen the movie first. The one problem I had with the book is the fact that Dylan and Josh didn't get together when they got together in the movie. I mean, they were just so adorable together only to end up as friends while he goes out with Dylan's ex-friend and she goes out with a random college guy. I respect the author's opinion to do what she wants, but I wanted them together.
Rating: 10 nebulas out of 13

Wicked Jealous: I loved this one. This is my favorite. I read it as an ARC after it was already published, because that's how I roll. I enjoyed the characters, plot, little jokes and the fact that Simone ended up with Blush instead of that weird Bieber-loving guy. To Palmer: I APPROVE.

Rating: 15 Thanksgiving Pies out of 15.

Cindy Ella: Now, when reading this with the background knowledge that Palmer didn't really put the princess with the prince in her stories, I was kind of shocked when Cindy ended up with Adam. I'm not saying I didn't like it (I always thought they were awkwardly perfect together), I just didn't think she'd go in that direction. But, I still adored the books.
Rating: 17 Twinkies out of 19

Thanks for checking out the review! I'll try to post more later.


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