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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Reader Feels

NOTE: This is not a review but it's mainly an explanation and question for you guys. Here's the exposition:

I cannot stand e-books/Amazon shopping. Not because I'm haughty and need the feel of updated classic pages and book covers under my fingertips. And not because I'm a conspiracy theorist who thinks that these "mainstream" electronical book ma-thingies will ultimate lead to the demise of this country as we know it and the aliens/terrorists/government will win.

No, I hate them because I cannot browse through the books on there.

Let me explain. When I go to a bookstore, I can curl myself comfortably near the shelves of the teen section and examine each and every cover to see if my READER FEELS (that I mentioned in my MaEatDG post) go off.

Now, what are reader feels? When I see a book it sometimes gives me this odd little alert in my head to check it out. It could be the cover, it could be the title. But there's something about the book that makes me wanna read it.

Now that can change when I read the summary. Like I think this book is going to be this amazing thing but then it turns out it's about a paranormal-love triangle-dystopian piece of hooplah. Thanks to this superpower I almost NEVER read a bad book.

It works at Teen Advisory Board too. At the last 10 minutes of the meeting, the amazing leader (and my ex-boss from my internship) Stephanie dumps two boxes of teen books. Those of us at the meeting attack the books like ravenous wolves to an elk carcass.
**The only reason I have this analogy is because I just watch a documentary about this for my science class.

But we get to go through the books, and I get to test out my reader feels. Sometimes the books turn out to be amazing or they can suck. But, because of this built-in radar, I almost never just "read a book". It's an extensive process.

Oh god. I could be possessed by the ghost of an omniscient reader.

This is the result of watching too many episodes of Supernatural. Beware of the awesomeness.   
What about you guys? What draws you to a book? Or is it just arbitrary? Let me know.

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