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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Review: Burn for Burn

NOTE: I got this as an ARC and just wasn't able to read it for a while until after it was published.

(This following paragraph will make sense eventually)

I originally read The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han and quite enjoyed them. I had read Not That Kind of Girl but I let that one character who's best friends with Natalie warp my view of the book. I automatically hate any character who longs to be popular because I don't relate to that. But the writing was very good, and I liked the whole feminism aspect since it wasn't preachy. And I want to read The List.

Burn for Burn is a book about 3 girls who extract revenge on the people who've wronged them by Vivian and Han.

I liked this book. It's really captivating. It was a good thing I read it on a plane ride.

I am going to explain each of the three girls and revenges and why I liked them or maybe something I didn't like.


Kat: She wants to go against her ex-best friend Rennie, who is now best friends with Lillia. Kat wasn't the best influence, since she was often under the influence, but I started bouncing in my seat when I read the revenge against Rennie. THAT BITCH DESERVED IT.


Lillia: Lillia wants revenge against the guy who she's always trusted because he started going after her younger sister. Being an older sister, I instantly got this. I wouldn't hesitate to cause bodily/emotional harm to someone who did ANYTHING to my baby sister. But when it turned out it was the younger sister's fault since she aspires to be popular, I just shook my head because I saw that coming. The revenge, while eventually unnecessary, was reasonable.

Mary: Mary wants to get even with Reeve, the guy who completely ruined her life. As a girl who's been bullied, I instantly sympathized with her plight and wanted all harm to go to Reeve. So when his revenge happened, I didn't care that it was a little bit excessive. When you bully people, bad things deserve to happen to you.

But the whole thing with Mary being a bit supernatural was really odd to read. I didn't like it that much. It just seemed off to me and out of place.

I did enjoy this book. I give it 300 Monte Cristos out of 302.

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