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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Great Glee Fanfictions

NOTE: This is a compilation of fanfictions I really have enjoyed reading. (Some may be a bit smutty but that's the Internet.)

"Family Ties" by The Minsk. Pairing: Finchel. Rating: T. SUMMARY: "With changes at home and changes at school, Finn's going to need all the help he can get." I really liked this fanfiction because it was written really well and told an interesting story. (This author just writes great Finchel fanfictions)

"Dorks Like Us" by JustTheQueenOfEverything. Pairing: Samchel. Rating: T (with some SMUT SMUT) Summary: Sam and Rachel form a friendship over their love of Disney. I love this story because it tied a lot of Disney references with the Glee life and it was funny, romantic, and adorable.

"I Only Just Found You" (Please Don't Leave Me Now) by Tarafina. Pairing: Puckleberry. Rating: T. Summary: A horrible accident opens Rachel's eyes. This is only a one-shot, but this was so well-done and it told a great story that is RIDICULOUSLY intense.

"Sour Patch Kid" by nitefang. Pairing: Puckleberry. Rating: T. Summary: Puck makes an agreement with Brittany to try to get Rachel away from Finn. This is so hilariously well-written, an interesting story with awesome character development and an awesome love story.

"Picking Up The Pieces" by MistressMalvagita. Pairing: Puckleberry. Rating: T. Summary: Shelby decided she's not ready to be a parent so she gives Beth to Rachel and Puck. I liked the way the author executed the story idea and wrote a cute parenting romance.

But yeah. That's that.

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