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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trilogy Review: Perfect Chemistry

NOTE: This is a trilogy review because I am a book addict who refuses to go to rehab.

Back in 2010, I moved to Colorado. Before I interned at the bookstore, I would be a very frequent shopper like my sister but: my sister buys clothes and I buy books.

I was in the Teen Ballroom when a book caught my eye: Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles. I read the inside flap: It was about a Mexican gang member named Carlos and white good-girl Kiara Westford who fell in love in Boulder, Colorado.

I almost started jumping around because I LIVE THERE. Since, I have not been able to find books written with the setting in Colorado. (Not surprising. The only interesting thing about Colorado is the weed thing).

Then I found out RoA was second in a trilogy. Which meant two things:

(1) I'd have to read the first book.

(2) If it was good, I'd have to read the third when it came out in 2011.

I'm not one of those people who can jump right into a series, whether it be TV or book. So I bought the first book Perfect Chemistry then Rules of Attraction. And when it came out, I read Chain Reaction.

I ENJOYED THIS SERIES IMMENSELY. Generally, I loved the plots, characters, the alternating POVs, and the fact it wasn't preachy when it came to talking about immigration. I can re-read these all the time. And, you know, the guys in the official book trailers were pretty attractive.

Now I'm going to talk about my favorite/least favorite parts of each book. (I'm too lazy to do any more summaries, so go on Goodreads or some other bookish place).


Perfect Chemistry: This book was good. Alex and Brittany were hilarious together. Characters like Isa, Enrique, and Paco really helped shape the book. As much as I loved it, as a reader my heart broke when Alex pushed her away near the end. No. Alex, no. Stahp. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN LOVE.
Rating: 66 Beakers out of 67.

Rules of Attraction: This one is my straight-up favorite. Ever. I loved it. I always associate myself with the "good girl" characters so I loved Kiara. And Carlos was hilarious. The Brittany/Alex drama was delectable and amazing. Tuck is just pure awesomeness. They were so many unforgettable quotes and stuff from this book that I will cherish forever.
Rating: 112 Frisbees out of 112.

Chain Reaction: While I still liked it, this book wasn't my favorite. I found Nikki to just be cynical, understandably, but HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE LUIS. He was adorable and saintly and attractive and smart.

He's too perf

But when they did get together, they were pretty damn adorable. And the extra Carlos/Kiara flair made me gasp, nearly cry then give a good ol' victory screech.
Rating: 75 Blind dogs out of 80.

These books are really good. I bow down to Simone Elkeles. *bows down*



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