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Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Problem" with Predictable Endings

NOTE: This is a rant. Yay!

So, there was this person I used to follow on Twitter who was a fellow YA Book Blogger. When I saw her, I was like "KINDRED SPIRIT!" mentally because I try to be only half as awkward on the internet.

One day a couple weeks ago I decided to check out her blog. And she knocked a teen romance book I had liked (not my favorite, just a book I enjoyed) because it had a "predictable ending".

First of all, I kept looking throughout her reviews, this person kept knocking everything. Every book she'd reviewed had a less than 3-star rating on a scale to 5. Why must you knock everything? Are your standards that high?

I mean, I've read my share of bad books but not recently. I've figured out my type. I try not to read books if I think I'll hate them. But this person seemed to not try and just read books and then hate them when they're obviously SOOO predictable. That's not healthy. You should get help.

So back to the thing about "predictable endings."

There is *nothing* wrong with predictable endings in romance novels. Especially she meant that the main couple got together in the end. Don't you want them to get together? See the couple overcome obstacles and then get together again? Why don't you want to see the couple you really want get together?? What is wrong with you, "Internet Person"????

When I read a romance novel, I will find the couple I ship and then I will wait for them to get together. Or they won't get together and I die inside.

But isn't that why we read romance? We know logically that the love interests will get together in the end but when we're reading it we're gasping and frightened that they may not. Or is that just me?

So now I don't follow that person anymore.

I don't need to be around that negativity.



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