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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breathless Reads Tour!!!

NOTE: I'm an awful person and it's taken me forever to put this up. Sorry.

At TAB in January, Stephanie (our hallowed leader) told us about the Breathless Reads Tour and how she wanted us bloggers (namely me and this other girl Caroline) to blog about it on February 14.

And I explained here how I am forever alone and decided to do it for fun.

(P.S. Check out the hashtag #BreathlessReads because I tried my best to live-tweet it. My Handle is @AGirlNamedOwyn so that's how you'll know it's me)

I got there ridiculously early, like 45 minutes, so I sat around the book store making it look like I was interesting. I actually got to talk to a book agent and her husband before hand and catch up with Stephanie (who I'd been seeing in 2 days for TAB).

Here's a picture of the landing with no people.

The Bookstore also gave me candy. I told myself I was going to save it, but who was I kidding?


So, I suck at copying things down, but I tried to write down everything I could. 

Brenna:  I like to read books about serial killers. Research so it's not creepy (Paper Valentine is about a serial killer)

What did you read as teenagers?
Brenna- Steven king
Andrea- scifi
Jessica- scifi as well. Lloyd Alexander
Marie- fantasy and scifi. Harry potter ruled my childhood

What is the hardest part of writing romance?
Marie: oh god. I am really awkward when it comes to romance. I will send a copy to my agent and they will say to rewrite it. There are sexy times so I read some sexy books (Here I said, "So that's your research?" I was proud of myself)
Jessica- I read Nicholas sparks. My husband had to remind me it was valentines day. 
Andrea- romance is fun to write for me. I now write adult romance
Brenna- I pick the most uncomfortable situations for my characters

Challenging parts?
Andrea- everything will be good and then I hit 20000 words and then I hit major self doubt. At 50000 then everything is perfect!
Brenna- the world building. It took me several drafts.
Marie- other than the romance... I have a tough time with the first draft. I find it challenging to write June's POV. The boy is fine. Writing her chapters are very slow. (She had to research the history and uses of paper clips, which I found awesome.)
Jessica- maybe I should go to amazon! And then I found out all these things that will kill you. Maybe I should stay on the couch. Lots of research. The setting is almost a character itself.

What about the romantic interests?
Jesica- watch the CW
Marie- romance playlist until I'm weeping
Andrea- hopeless romantic. I hid romance novels under my bed.
Brenna- specific characters. Supply what other is lacking.

Then they read from the breathless parts of their novels. When Marie (who, admittedly, was awkward around these parts. She tried to get through the first sentence of her novel and then burst into laughter.

And it was hilarious.

So they ended up switching up with each other's novels and it was pretty awesome. 

But that's most of everything! I had a great time and a MASSIVE thank you to Breathless Reads, the authors, and the Bookstore for letting me invade their place. 

And here, again, are said authors:

Left to Right: Marie Lu, Jessica Khoury, Andrea Cremer, + Brenna Yovanoff


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