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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Readability Part 2

NOTE: This is a continuation of this post. Enjoy.

Okay, so my sister loves Pretty Little Liars. And I don't. Want to know why?


I thought of something else that pisses me off on my Scale of Readability, ranking at a 4.5:

Student-teacher romance.

Why is this even a thing? Someone explain
Teachers are not supposed to be romantic interests for multiple reasons.

One: It's illegal! Relationships have enough drama and bullshit without the law involved. Don't expect me to sympathize when you're complaining about being called in for questioning because you're an idiot.

Two: Forbidden romance does not make it sexier. It just causes you to have a higher "pedestal" for you to fall off of. That, of course, is made of your hormones' stupidity.

Three: How can you find a teacher attractive??? Granted, at my school all the teachers are either married, really old, or just not that hot! And it doesn't seem worth it to throw away my future! I mean, really Aria? Is this little tryst worth it?

I needed to get this off my chest.

Until eventually,


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