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Thursday, June 27, 2013

ARC Review: The Distance Between Us

NOTE: This ARC will come out early July.

So this was an ARC that I had been seeing on my Recommended lists on Goodreads, so when I saw it at TAB I decided to grab it.

It's about a poor girl named Caymen who's grown up surrounded by arrogant, rich people buying frivolous things at her mom's doll shop. And that observation is only confirmed when rich teenager Xander Spence walks in.

I really liked this book. Like, it was pretty freaking awesome. Here is my list why:

The romance was SMOKING! Xander and Caymen were so cute together and I was just rooting for them to get together and I was just overcome with emotions.

This book is hilarious. Kasie West did a great job writing such hilarious, dry-witted characters. I loved the dialogue, it was one of the best I've read in a while.

Here is the first one that clues you into the sarcastic tone of the book.

"'Can I help you, sir?' ... 'Yes, I need a doll.' 'Sorry, we're all out.'"

Multiple laughs for this awesome book
Great message. Normally, I'm not a fan of the whole different-social-class-oh-mummy-won't-approve kind of stories. But this one wasn't really like that, it was more about how that shouldn't matter and I think West did a great job of telling that story. And I liked the fact that the ending was ambiguous but at the same time uplifting.

So 55 Creepy porcelain dolls out of 56.



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