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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Author: Emmy Laybourne

Dear Emmy Laybourne,

Hello there! My name's Owyn, I get to meet you this Friday. In order to fully prepare myself for this, I decided to read your books Monument 14 and Monument 14: Sky on Fire.

The first thing I have to say is:


Like I'm still in awe of the first one and I've already finished the second one.

I don't even know how to put these emotions into words so I have this gif:

And I loved the way your book showed the different ways people can react to things. Like Josie and Niko took charge, Alex took solace in numbers, and Jake took drugs. Bad Jake. No. It kind of raised the question, What would I do in this situation? And I can honestly answer: I have no freaking clue.

In regards to your second book, I cried when Baptiste found his mom. I was choking up and tears were flowing but they were happy tears so thank you.

I found the reactions to the stuff that went down in the books so raw. And real. So I saved a couple (from the second book):

"I patted his back. I didn't know what to do. I'm not good when people cry. I do not know what to say and I just stand there flapping my arms like a stupid magpie." --  Alex (whom I adore).

"And then they kissed. Okay, that was new information." That's basically my reaction whenever people I know kiss and I didn't even know they talked.

"'What about any of this is fair, Dean?'" Astrid has a point but DAMMIT JUST LOVE HIM.

"Was it wrong to feel a heart-spike of happiness in the middle of the Apocalypse?" --Dean.

"What do we know? We're just stupid kids." --Alex.

"We might live. We might die. But it seemed like we'd never stop walking."--Alex.

"'Niko said you were coming in a Kia minivan.' Max said. 'A Kia?! No way honey, I only drive subarus...'" Max to Mrs. Wooly. This is such a Boulder-thing to say. Loved it.

"The sky had holes in it." -- Alex. This is such a terrifying visual but I thought it was awesome.

But yes, these books were amazing in that kind of way that terrifies you because holy crap that could actually potentially happen. I'm just upset I have to wait for the next book. (And if there isn't a next book I will throw a tantrum. Fair warning.)


Owyn Cooper

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