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Sunday, June 23, 2013

ARC Review: Fangirl

NOTE: This is an ARC that comes out September 10th.

At the bookstore, Jorden at Shipping and Receiving was reading an ARC of it and she recommended it to me and let me read it.

I liked it! It was a part of that "new adult" genre about a girl named Cath who is alone for the first time and how she's coped with all the bad things in her life with the Simon Snow series and writing one of the most popular pieces of fanfiction the fandom has ever seen.

Here are the reasons why I liked it:

Rowell did a great job of embracing the fandom life. As a fangirl, I can honestly say that Rowell captured the lifestyle perfectly.

I liked Simon Snow better than Harry Potter. I hope I'm not wrong about this, but Simon Snow was a parody of Harry Potter. Rowell included little tidbits from the chapters of the series along with some from the chapters of Cath's fanfic. It was some real John Green shit right there.

The voice was fantastic. Cath's voice was really genuine and real. She was also funny, sarcastic and kind of sad. It was really well done, and I enjoyed reading it immensely.

The romance was awesome. Nick needs to jump of a literary cliff and Levi is just so drool-worthy that I ship him with Cath just as much as Cath ships Baz and Simon.

... In our hearts
But yes, when this comes out, you should definitely check it out!



(P.S. I edited this a bit because I was sick when I wrote it yesterday and now my head is clear so yay!)

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