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Saturday, June 22, 2013

ARC Review: This Song Will Save Your Life

NOTE: This is an ARC due to be published in September.

So this book I'm reviewing is called This Song Will Save Your Life and it was written by Leila Sales. It's about an unpopular girl named Elise who, after a failed attempt at popularity, decides to give up but stumbles across a warehouse club and meets two of her first genuine friends. This leads to her finding her true profession.

Okay, I thought the book was well-written and the story was interesting, but I have a couple of beefs to pick.

First off, Elise refers to cutting/suicide as attention seeking, and that just pisses me off. It's a real thing that people go through and it's awful that she wrote it off like that. And...

*SPOILERS* (if you want to see it you can highlight the lines between the spoilers)

She ended up doing it herself then calling her ex-friend to tell her about it.


Second, there's this other DJ Char who is a potential love interest but he was a dick and it was annoying that Elise wastes her time with him. And that she just disregards Pippa like that. No wonder Elise doesn't have any friends.

Third, Elise is kind of whiny. I'll admit it, she's gone through some tough stuff. But she kept going on about how she's unpopular at her high school and how all her attempts at popularity haven't worked and how it's totally world destroying.

So. Fucking. What.

I'm unpopular at my high school, and it doesn't really bother me. I have found my niches at the bookstore and the lovely people I talk to on Twitter and Tumblr. High School doesn't matter if you're an interesting person. I don't trust anyone who said they had a great time in high school, because that means they usually made it un-great time for someone else.

Elise realizes this and decides to try DJ-ing, which was fine. But then she keeps getting enamored with Char and UGH gag me. You don't let a douche get in the way of what you want.

I swear, I was like:

But with all that said, it wasn't a bad book. There were some good aspects, and Elise's voice was pretty well written. I just didn't particularly happen to enjoy it. But that doesn't mean one of you guys won't.

I'd say 50/99.

Bye you guys!


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