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Saturday, June 22, 2013

ARC Review: Wild Cards

NOTE: This is an ARC that is due to come out on September 24th.

I'm going to just say this now. This book is by Simone Elkeles.

So it was freakin' AMAZING.

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Here are the reasons I found it so and why you should read it.


#1: Derek and Ashtyn's chemistry was so amazing. Ashtyn was so sassy and Derek was so sarcastic and they were just AWW together, I can barely fathom my emotions about them into words.

#2: The football aspect was pretty cool. Personally, I'm not a football fan. But there were so many great feminine aspects that Elkeles explored, since Ashtyn is a kicker on her high school's football team. Boys are icky, but Derek...

#3: Derek is so swoon-worthy I could sob

(Well YOU could be too, but this is directed at Derek ;) )
He is just such a bad boy but so caring and he's so hot for a literary character. And romantic. And funny. And charming. And athletic. I'm swooning.

#4: When Elkeles does alternating POVs, then it's WELL-FREAKING-DONE. She captured two different voices so elegantly. It's a true talent. It brings me back to my favorite of hers, Rules of Attraction.

#5: That grandmother is fantastic. She's a bit of spoiler, so that's all I'm saying.

But yes, this was such a well-written book, and I hope you all read it when it comes out. And I already can't wait for the sequel.

(Sorry for not posting for a bit. I'm going on a posting spree today though!)


Owyn :)


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