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Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Author: Leigh Bardugo

Dear Leigh Bardugo,

Salutations! I'm Owyn, the teen you met at the lunch we just had. I finally was able to write this letter now so let me tell you (and my readers) what I thought of Storm and Bone and Siege and Storm.


Firstly, I loved all the characters (and if I didn't love them, I loved hating them). Alina was such a sassy female lead and Mal was such an amazing romantic interest and the Darkling is such a villain (I'll explain more on this in a bit) and I loved Nikolai he's amazing and I want him for Christmas.

Secondly, the dialogue is FANTASTIC. I loved how Alina was so sassy with everyone, but I especially loved when she talked to Mal, the Darkling, Nikolai and Genya (first book, second book I refuse to acknowledge her literary existence). I saved a morsel, but I'm sure you're familiar with it:

"'Do I get to wear a fancy hat?' 'The fanciest,' I said. 'And possibly a cape.'" Mal to Alina. (There are so much more but then this blog post would go on FOREVER)

Thirdly, while I loved Mal and Alina together, I couldn't help but picture her with Nikolai because I love him to death and she had such a good rapport and I don't know who I want her to end up with.

But yes, I can't wait for the third book and the movie. I'm still fangirling from meeting you.

 I will see you at your event tonight! Go Fierce Reads!


Owyn Cooper

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