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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Language Arts Blog Posts #3: The Corner of Bitter and Sweet

NOTE: This is an ARC. Yay for ARCs!

So at the February TAB meeting, I was telling Stephanie how I needed to get my hands on a new Robin Palmer book.

And then BAM!

The ARC gods bestowed upon me The Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

By Robin Palmer.

And when I saw it, I was like:


It's about a girl named Annabelle with an alcoholic actress for a mother and then the mom decides to be the parent when Annabelle has been used to that role her entire life.

So, with State Testing going on this week, I managed to finish it after I did one of my tests.

I really liked it. Here's why:


At first I was a bit worried that Annabelle would be whiny about her mom suddenly taking back over, but she actually handled it well most of the time.

I thought it was a great mixture of drama and comedy (Bitter and Sweet, get it?). Annabelle had a great dry humor and sweetness about her that was also mature. But she also had her struggles because she had to hold up mirrors to her mom's mouth at a young age to see if she was still alive.

THE ROMANCE! A Robin Palmer book wouldn't be a Robin Palmer book without romance. First off, I really wanted Ben and Janie to get together (like Annabelle) but then Janie and Billy were too adorable for me to resist (like Annabelle). I really liked them together, even with the age difference and my residual feels for Ben/Janie (Benie? Jan?)

And then Matt *salivates*. When he came into the picture, I held onto my ARC tighter and almost shouted in the middle of the silent classroom "THESE TWO NEED TO END UP TOGETHER"

But I won't spoil it anymore.


Definitely 123 Cameras out of 124. (minus one for screwing with me and Ben/Janie)

Bye you guys! Look out for this book on June 27th!



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