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Friday, March 1, 2013

Post Script

When I was looking for gifs to use in my News Part 2 Post, I was in my school's library on one of the computers. And people kept looking at me like "Why are you on Tumblr looking at gifs of a guy ripping off his shirt?"

I was just like:


The things I do for you guys...

JK I love any excuse to go on Tumblr. And I just hit 900 hits on my blog!!! You guys have no idea how much this means (even though I know I'm probably 200 of them). Thank you so much for reading my blog and putting up with my eccentricities. I had no idea I would get this far and I love it so THANK YOU. When I think back to how I started book-blogging I was like:

But thanks again. Love you all! 



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