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Friday, March 1, 2013

News Part 2 (AKA Owyn has a mental breakdown)

Here's the book I'll be reading for this:

But this book is the book to end all books. It has a LOT riding on it.

For example, I'm getting a grade on my blog posts about it (and since I can't do anything without swearing and my teacher will be reading these I'll be a bit frightened).

And I know you're all going to enjoy my pain if/when I get in trouble for it.

And I'm reading it for the Colorado Teen Lit Conference. I actually get to be on a panel and ask Jay Asher questions about this book. I AM NERVOUS AND EXCITED. I don't even know what to do.

AND I'm writing a review of it for a literary magazine that my Journalism teacher is a part of.

Obviously I'm calm about this.
No seriously I could not be more excited for this. I just hope I don't screw this up royally.

Bye guys!


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