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Monday, March 4, 2013

Trilogy Review: Ruined Series

NOTE: Since I already mentioned that I ship this book's couple SO HARD in this post, I bet you can figure out where this review is going.

It's official.

I am addicted to Simone Elkeles.

Wow I stated that awkwardly. I meant I'm addicted to her books. (And her a little bit *winky face*)

I've already reviewed her Perfect Chemistry series and I've just been reading and re-reading all her books.

Some while ago, I read the entire How to Ruin... series from the library. And I liked the books A LOT.

So here's why:


The premise is AWESOME. I've never heard of a book like this: A Jewish-American girl falls for an Israeli boy just before he has to go into the Army and their pitfalls and steamy-points along the way. I was instantly smitten with them because their relationship is just so... quirky but complementing.

It's awkward, but it's funny awkward so it's fine. I am so empathetic that I blush when awkward/embarrassing things happen to characters and DAMN did awkward things happen in this series. Like Avi saw Amy naked before they were together, Amy's dad Ron had a lot of sex talks about their "urges" and "parts", and Amy even kidnapped Avi with plastic handcuffs...

I loved that scene because it was PERFECT, fyi
Amy and Avi are perfect but not perfect, okay? Let's see if I can be clearer than that... Even though they cheated on each other a couple times, I still love them together because they are just so perfect TOGETHER. And now that they have an actual relationship without that bull "don't ask don't tell" or "non-boyfriend/non-girlfriend" crap, I ECSTATIC because they can finally just be with each other without anything stopping them!

I need to calm down a bit before I write my review for the Paradise series, also by Elkeles. That will probably be up tomorrow (hopefully, I have TCAPs so everything is confusing)

Bye you guys!


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  1. I LOVE this review!! Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing the How to Ruin series!! I love that you thought it was "funny awkward!" haha! ~Simone